Live Web Class
"Live online training", "live eLearning", "virtual ILT",
virtual classroom", "live webinars and seminars",       
or simply....  "
live web class".  

Do you know how to start one?
Do you know what platform to use?
Do you know how to present effectively online?
Will learners actually learn something?

-  Cost effective (no travel for students or instructor)
Time effective:   Easy to build a training event
Global:  Can reach a worldwide audience

-  Content should be purposed for the online session
-  Instructors need to be taught skills to teach virtually
-  The students must be taught to learn virtually
-  At minimum, there should be a support infrastructure

This site is a free resource, a knowledge base, sharing
some best practices, white papers, reviews, a blog (soon),
some success stories, and links to vendors and expertise.

We welcome your contributions and ideas to this site.
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