About LiveWebClass.com

LiveWebClass.com is hosted by Nekoss, Inc, a strategic consulting and professional services firm bringing
together a world-class team of business and technical associates, system architects, software developers
and network specialists who define, design and deploy unique media and eLearning solutions.

What does the site aim to do..?
In a nutshell, two things:  First, it sets out to HELP people looking for more information related to live web
training:  This may include the novice, or the experts.  Information can often be difficult to find.  As new web
sites are found that may be helpful, they are added.  Some additional information may be included in the
LiveWebClass blog.  Second, it aims to INSPIRE people to teach in a new way:  In other words, GET OUT
OF THE CLASSROOM!  Please communicate your needs and desires, and this webmaster will do whatever
possible to enhance the site.

For more information, contact Nekoss:
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