Virtual Hands-on Lab Platforms
Features three different applications:
Virtual Training Management System (VTMS):  Delivers live, hands-on software training (instructor-led and self-paced),
reducing training delivery costs and increasing reach to anyone, anytime, anywhere.
Virtual QA/Test Lab Management System (VQMS): Reduces testing costs, shortens QA cycles, and accelerates time-to-delivery
by fully automating the setup and teardown of complex software configurations used in development and testing.
Virtual Demo Management System (VDMS): Delivers standard and customized software demonstrations.  VDMS can also
empower customers and prospects to evaluate software 24x7 without costly CDs or time-consuming downloads.
Deployment Options:  On-site, Hosted Service, Managed Services.
An online lab is not a simulation. Each lab machine is a fully functional PC:
TrueLab™:  Gives each student access to one or more Intel, Sun, HP or IBM server machines, for live, remote, hands-on access in
education, demo, QA or trial environments.
TrueLab™ Platforms:  Fully supports x86 (Intel) single or dual CPU platform, Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris (x86) or Novell Netware.
TrueLab™ Management:   Allows for automatic setup and build of classes, all through a Web browser.
Deployment Options:  On-site, Hosted Service, Managed Services.
A learning solutions provider specializing in products and services for experiential learning.
LiveLabs for IT Training:  Allows students to build skills through hands-on exercises with real software and real networking
environments from the convenience of a web browser.
LiveLabs for Developers:  Provide experiences outside of the confines of the developer's day to day experience and provides practical
application to learning, complementing other training resources.
Enterprise LiveLabs:  A hosted training solution that automates the delivery of lab environments for classroom training (virtual, onsite,
and third-party) and e-Learning.
Deployment Options:  Hosted Service, Managed Services.
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